I WAS ALWAYS ENOUGH walks you through real life experiences where lessons were learned as a result of making unwise decisions. Those decisions were made from a place where there was a lack of self-love, there were feelings of rejection, as well as not understanding the meaning of worth. Each chapter title is a principle of what I have learned throughout the years. You will see the ups, the downs, and the triumphs that arose from trauma. You will see how focusing on God can help turn life around and set you on an entirely different path. You will see that He will give you beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3).

Here is an encouragement to you, my reader: No one determines your worthiness. You were always enough!


Antonia B. Johnson is a Chicago native and mother of 3 beautiful purposes: Cornelius (Lance), Colyn, and Cailyn. She is an author, speaker, and lover of people. As founder of the A Babe Renewed Project (girls mentoring), she facilitates empowerment workshops for teenage girls and women. She always shows up as a positive influence in conversation as well as on social media, and believes that when given the chance, you should always allow your light to shine brightly. 

Antonia is an overcomer and uses the lessons and wisdom gained through her experiences to help guide others on their journey to overcoming. She is an advocate for healing, building confidence, nurturing social relationships, and teaching the importance of responsibility and accountability.